Investment Information

Fund Profiles

Click on an individual fund to view an interactive profile by independent investment research firm Morningstar, detailing the fund’s investment strategy, performance, portfolio structure/asset allocation, holdings, risk profile and much more.  

U.S. Bond Index Fund
U.S. Short-Term Bond Index Fund
U.S. Treasury Inflat Protect Sec Index Fund

Money Market
Short Term Investment Fund

Schwab Self-Directed Brokerage Account
Provides you with access to thousands of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). These options are for knowledgeable investors who acknowledge and understand the risks associated with many of the investment choices.

Schwab Self-Directed Brokerage Sweep Account
The cash sweep account is not intended for long-term investment but to provide you with a place where money from brokerage account transactions can temporarily sit until you transfer it.

  *Default investment option based on your age.

Fund Performance

Updated each quarter, the Investment Options at a Glance lists the investment options available in this plan and their performance over multiple periods, including year-to-date, one-, five-, 10-year periods, and since inception.

    2023 - Quarter 2 2023 - Quarter 1
2022 - Quarter 4 2022 - Quarter 3 2022 - Quarter 2 2022 - Quarter 1
2021 - Quarter 4 2021 - Quarter 3 2021 - Quarter 2 2021 - Quarter 1
2020 - Quarter 4 2020 - Quarter 3 2020 - Quarter 2 2020 - Quarter 1

Investment Performance Analysis

Each quarter, the plan’s investment consultant provides a report on market conditions and the performance of the plan’s investments.

    2023 Quarter 2 | Summary 2023 Quarter 1 | Summary
2022 Quarter 4 | Summary 2022 Quarter 3 | Summary 2022 Quarter 2 | Summary 2022 Quarter 1 | Summary
2021 Quarter 4 | Summary 2021 Quarter 3 | Summary 2021 Quarter 2 | Summary 2021 Quarter 1 | Summary
Investment Policy

The Defined Contribution Plan Statement of Investment Policy defines the purpose of this retirement plan, the investment options to be offered through the plan, and the roles of those responsible for managing the plan. The investment policy statement also establishes performance standards and objectives for the investments, and the standards and processes for monitoring and evaluating the investment options.  

2021 2020 2019
Investment Manager Evaluation List

This list is published quarterly by SERS’ general investment consultant. The placement of an investment manager on the Evaluation List does not automatically serve as evidence of a problem with the investment manager. The Evaluation List was developed to clearly communicate which investment managers have been identified as experiencing quantitative or qualitative pattern changes worthy of greater review by SERS’ investment office and external investment consultants.

    2023 Quarter 2 2023 Quarter 1
2022 Quarter 4 2022 Quarter 3 2022 Quarter 2 2022 Quarter 1