Educational Resources

We’re here to help you gain a more complete view of your financial picture with the goal of helping you replace — for life — the income you made while working.

Successful retirement planning goes beyond making contributions to your workplace savings plan. To help you remain financially fit throughout your financial journey, you have access to numerous savings, planning and investing calculators via the Empower Retirement Wellness and Financial Center.

Access educational materials and interactive tools to help stay on top of your financial life. The more you know about different financial topics, the more prepared you’ll be to make thoughtful decisions about your retirement savings.

eLearning seminars

Our eLearning Seminars provide on-demand access to a library of educational topics that can help you build and maintain your retirement strategy. Clicking on any of the eLearning links will automatically launch the program.


View this seminar to learn the fundamentals of budgeting and how you can prepare financially to meet your future needs and goals.

Basic investment education

View this seminar to learn about stocks, bonds, and cash alternatives and the risks associated with these types of investments.

Steps to building an investment strategy

This seminar teaches how to build a personal investment strategy.

Tax benefits

Review the tax-deferred benefits, tax-deferred growth benefits, and saver's tax credits that may be available when you participate in your plan.

Protecting your retirement savings

Learn some tactics and strategies you can utilize to sustain your retirement income over time.

Understanding your retirement distribution options

Watch this seminar to learn what your distribution options are if you leave your current employer or if an employer cancels your retirement benefits.

Market volatility

Get some tips on how you can structure your retirement account to better withstand market volatility.

Retirement planning: An action plan for Baby Boomers

Review helpful tips and get suggestions for creating a plan that may help you through the course of your retirement.

Retirement planning: An action plan for the next generation

Learn how expenses and money allocation choices can impact your financial future. Help your future self by learning some important financial planning tactics now.

Retirement planning: An action plan for women

Uncover the myths and facts related to women and investing today, and why it is so important for women to have a retirement savings plan in place.

Increasing your contributions

View this seminar to learn how increasing your retirement plan contribution may have some incredible savings benefits over time.

Retirement planning for Generation X

This seminar discusses the challenges facing Generation X and encourages members of that generation to take advantage of their retirement plan.